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Wander through a musky white cedar forest where the scent of pine cones, spruce, oak leaves and wild rosemary lead you along an earthy trail into the deep woods. Be transcended by smoked cloves and woody cinnamon and let your heart be energised by the scent of bergamot. Stand at her edge and be invigorated by the crisp ozone. This is The Spice Forest – Intoxicating, alluring and romantic.

Take a little piece of home with you when you travel. Filled with premium quality fragrant oils, our stylish, compact, light-weight travel collection candles fit easily into your luggage. So you can enjoy an atmosphere of comfort and serenity wherever you go.

200 g / 32 hour burn time

To get the most out of your scented candle, burn it for 1-4 hours at a time and trim the wick to 1/4 inch before lighting. Be sure to read our candle care page before use to get the best performance of your scented candle.



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